Durbin Group: Reach Higher

We are an engineering design firm specializing in rapid prototype design, fabrication, assembly and testing.

The Durbin Group supports a wide range of rapid development and design capabilities but excels particularly in advanced cooling. We enable new frontiers in power density, performance, operating cost, and efficiency.



Durbin Group partners with some of the most innovative companies in the world to help create thermal management solutions for leading edge products. Click here to see how our collaboration with Nvidia produced the cooling system for the DGX Station A100.


Power Density

Increased power density at the chip (100kW), and facility

Increased Performance

Packaging constraints lifted, junction temperature reduced, increased heat flux, lower latency

Technology Enabler

Opens up system architecture degrees of freedom to enable next generation systems

Multiple Generation

Large growth for thermal load increases at each node in the system with no changes to hardware

Maintenance Free

Sealed system, no maintenance, no scaling, no microbial growth, no additives, dielectric fluid, long pump life

Lowest Operating Cost

Reduced operating cost over all other thermal management methods

Efficient Operation

Significant energy savings from two-phase heat transfer and low pumping power