Durbin Group: Reach Higher

We are an engineering design firm specializing in rapid prototype design, fabrication, assembly and testing.


The Durbin Group has proudly deployed over 270 systems to our service men and women in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force since 2008. We continue to innovate and integrate some of the most advanced technologist to enhance our nation’s strategic capabilities.


Tackling some of the biggest challenges in research and development, The Durbin Group enables new capabilities in a wide range of fields. Whether you are looking for next generation advanced cooling, electrical/mechanical engineering, RF/communications, optics, directed energy, and more, our skilled team is up to the challenge.

About The


Durbin Group is a recognized global leader in two-phase cooling for the most demanding computing, power conversion, and directed energy environments.  Durbin Group’s integrated cooling solutions are technology enablers that increase power density, increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and scale on demand for OEM and Enterprise applications.  Specializing in custom engineering solutions for the most complicated thermal challenges we quickly transition from concept to scaled launch with our manufacturing partners worldwide.