Rigor In Design

Rigor In Design

It’s vital to have a good design process. One that enables you to track complex tasks and ensure you meet challenging requirements as you develop. Here we will give a high-level overview of what a typical project might look like from a Systems Engineering perspective.

For each project, we use a process-based architecture to efficiently manage the design.

  1. We utilize multiple sources such as contracts, scopes/statements of work, drawings, specifications, statutory and regulatory requirements, previous designs, and company requirements to document tasks/sub-tasks descriptions.
  2. We generate a schedule, allocate resources, assign deliverables, define requirements, and set up key design reviews.
  3. We create the root documentation for each sub-system (as needed) in what we call a Design Binder.  The Design Binder is a Durbin Group standard template that lays out the documentation needed to capture and manage the design details.  Working in a collaborative environment allows any team member the ability to review this document at any point to gain an understanding of the design as well as its progress within the design cycle.  Examples of information collected include scheduling, tasking, tasking priority, requirements, bill of materials (BOM), assumptions, questions, calculations, concepts, testing plan, datasheets, and more.
  4. The design goes through internal and external reviews to ensure all requirements are met and that the design is thorough and efficient.
  5. Once the design is finalized, detailed assembly and part drawings are created.  Although each project has its own requirements, the typical process includes sending the drawings out for manufacture of custom components, ordering the required BOM items, performing QA/QC of received components, conducting assembly and testing of hardware, and culminating with final delivery of the product.

Following these steps has allowed The Durbin Group to consistently perform at the highest of standards through even the most challenging of projects. As a diversified team executing every part of a systems design from mechanical to electrical to software and beyond, these processes are critical to our success.