Real-Time Systems

Real-Time Systems

Real-time systems are a broad category of hardware and software focused on fast and accurate timing. These often include microcontrollers and other chips running specialized code which enables them to very efficiently interact with the real world. For example, if you need to take in pressure and temperature information in a cooling system and quickly control coolant flow, this is best suited for a real-time system.

The Durbin Group has a collective 30+ years of experience developing specialized hardware and real-time systems. We implement high precision sensor networks which require extremely precise and reliable data collection. This allows us to quickly control a very complex system with high accuracy. There are as many chips and operating platforms in the real-time market as there are engineers working in the field. Here at Durbin Group we have worked with many, but a few of our favorites are:

We also enjoy various FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and are excited by the open RISK-V architecture.

Without real-time systems, these kinds of optimized and accurate processes wouldn’t be possible. Traditional computing systems have to deal with a lot of different processes all fighting for computing time which makes predicting exactly when a sensor gets read, or an output gets set, very difficult. Feel free to contact us for more information!